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What We Offer

Kids University International offer options to fit your student’s needs and the need of your family between tuition free KUI Digital Schools from KG to K-12, a new kind of high school with career-focused pathways, and fee based private school and independent courses, there is something for any one at KUI Digital Schools..

Online KUI Digital Schools

Tuition-free, KUI-powered digital schools feature rigorous online curriculum with hands-on materials delivered to your door. Dedicated, state-certified high qualified teachers provide instruction and support for students in grades K–K12 “Grade Kindergarten to Grade 12th”


“Live Online Course with KUI Faculty now a click away with KUI Live. All at comfort of your home or any where anytime”
Who Attend KUI Digital Schools
There are many types of students who thrive with public school at home:
  • Advanced learners looking for an academic challenge
  • College-bound students interested in getting a head start on their college education
  • Career-minded students wanting to explore in-demand careers
  • Military family students who are seeking consistency in their education        despite frequent moves
  • Athletes, musicians, and others who are pursuing their dreams while in school
  • Students who are homebound or undergoing medical treatments and want to continue with their public school education
Online Education

The modules are user friendly and the learning is like 1 on 1 experience. It gives real time clarifications, problem solving and solutions on whiteboard, all at the convenience of your place and time.

Creative Events
Skilled Tutors
Online Courses
People Worldwide
Assessment & Assignment

Regular assessments and assignments are prepared by subject experts tailored to monitor the progress of the students and help them improve their weak areas. The subject experts who are teaching provide you online assignments in every class and based on it the performance / subject understanding of each student can be evaluated and the coaching is done based on it to ensure students come out with flying colours in their academics.

1 On 1
and Group Sessions

We offer 1 on 1 and one to few (group) sessions as per the choice of students. Our group sessions provide a rich, challenging yet more engaging professional coaching environment for an overall improvement of the students. Our state of the art technology platform provides best of quality the classroom environment for groups and 1 on 1 technology and can review the class sessions anytime with the recordings of the class session.

IB Coaching

Prepare Middle Year Program (MYP) and Diploma Program (DP) of International Baccalaureate by our handpicked teachers. Classes available right from after your school till late evening. Classes available for English, Maths and Science for MYP, English, Economics, Business & Management, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics for DP


Prepare AS and A level and IGCSE of CAIE curriculum at one stop. Get classes from the best teachers anytime right from after your school till late in the evening. Classes available for English, Physics, Business & Management, Chemistry and Mathematics.

BISE, AS 9th to 12th Coaching

Prepare 9th to 12th curriculum at one stop. Get classes from the best teachers anytime right from after your school till late in the evening. Classes available for English, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer sciences, and Accounting.

All Pakistan Board of Intermediate
& Secondry Education